Hacksaw - Cutting Through Technology

Fostering Technology Awareness for Commercial & Community Opportunities

Adelaide Hills Based Technology Interest Group

What we're about

Hacksaw is about connecting people that have an interest in technology, keen to share knowledge, exchange and learn through a collaborative environment of presentations and hands on workshops.

Who can join in

In short anyone can join in. From having an interest in emerging technology and trends or consider yourself as technology wannabes, geeks, techies, developers or electronic hobbyist.

Hacksaw is also ideal for communities seeking ways to engage more effectively via technology, business start-ups wanting to get online and inventors, entrepreneurs and investors seeking out networking opportunities. Start by becoming a Hacksaw Techie on Meetup.

Our Aim, Your Opportunity

The aim of Hacksaw is to foster all that is good around technology, to engage, collaborate and share ideas to providing solutions with real commercial and community opportunities.


We aim to present a technology topic each month (1st Monday of each month from 6pm to 9pm) while allowing Techies to show and share their stuff for other to learn, discover and try. View upcoming events.


Some of the topics we would like to start with:-

  • Coding (Javascript, HTML, .Net, VB, C#, Ruby, Swift etc)
  • App Creation for mobile devices (Android, iOS etc)
  • Electronics (DIY, Arduino, Raspberry pi, Onion Omega etc)
  • 3D Printing and Scanning
  • IoT - Internet Of Things
  • Google Apps Scripts & Products
  • GPS Technology
  • Drones, Robotics and Automation
  • Website development & coding
  • Radio and Telephony
  • SaaS - Software as a Service
  • Green Power and Energy Storage


Events are held at the Out-Space, Adelaide Hills Business Centre 82 Onkaparinga Valley Road, Woodside SA

Seeking Topic Leaders

Are you a bit of an expert or have a keen interest in a particular area of technology and like to get involved?

Great, we are looking for leaders for each of our topics and for the ones we have not listed as yet. Contact Gordon at info@hacksaw.tech to register your interest.

Community Owned & Controlled Public WiFi

As public WiFi grows through communities it's important for regional communities to identify with the risk. How big national advertisers move business away from regional communities or how community can take control and better engage and increase local trade with tourist. Read about the Woodside WiFi proposal.

Driving the Internet Of Things (IoT)

Do you know what the IoT can do for local businesses and communities?

Discover more as the Adelaide Hills Business Centre becomes SA's first region gateway to the IoT and what it means for the hills community.

To Join

Become a Hacksaw Techie on Meetup. It's Free!

Some events may have a small cover charge for food service.