Makerspace / Hackerspace

Small, yet resource rich work space for technological ideas

Connect, Learn, Create and Share

Open to all to use. Idea for STEM & community shed groups with special interest.

Are you a creative thinker, in need of a flexible and supportive environment? Hacksaw, a new and unique hands-on approach to Learning, Buildit, and Resources. Endless possibilities and the Go Go Gadget Store contains everything an inventor could want in one convenient place.

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Learn tech concepts, gain ideas and knowledge through our hands-on workshops.

Bring your technology ideas to reality using a wide range of test and building tools.

Open Fridays 10am - 5pm

From $25/day

Your hands-on fabrication workshop with a variety of tools and equipment.

Open Fridays 10am - 5pm

From $25/day

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A great resource containing "How to" design tips, lookup tables and easy to use formulas.

Features micro and module out pins for many of the Go Go Gadget products.

80 page catalogue featuring gadgets from around the world. Raspberry Pi, Arduino, over 100 popular Modules, Electronics components, mechanical devices, motors, gears, bearings, pumps, v-slot, belts, drive systems and much more....

Design, Build, Test and Go Commercial

Micro Processors & Electronics

Discover the world of modular electronics and how to apply to your project. Low Cost, Fast & Easy.

Miniture Electro - Mechanical System

Proof of concept using Miniture electro-mechanical systems. Simple and fast where basic concepts can be tested and applied.

Small Scale Commercial Prototyping

Get serious with larger, more accurate and precision electro-mechanical Machines.

Get Business Savvy

Get ready to go to market. Learn how to protect your ideas and minimise risk.

Develop a business plan and discover what makes for a successful business with your AHBC membership