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The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things, or "IoT" is fast becoming a fixture in many areas for industry and community. With the expectation of billions of physical devices around the world connecting to the internet in the next few years, IoT is making it possible to collect, analyse and share data unlike ever before. This data can help people to build better and safer communities through identifying trends and taking action to avoid risk.

Thanks to low-cost and miniaturisation in devices and wireless networks, it's now possible to turn almost anything, from a simple livestock tag to an A380 Airbus, into an IoT device. The IoT adds a level of digital intelligence to devices that would be otherwise be working in isolation and enabling them to communicate and act without human intervention.

Like your home or office WiFi, IoT devices use a long range, low power communication system sometimes referred to as LPWA or LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) There are also a number of licensed and public communications' bandwidth providers such as UNB / Sigfox, LoRa / LoRaWAN (Semtech), Telensa, NB, Myriota and LTE Cat M1. For example the LoRaWAN technology uses a public bandwidth with a clear sight range of up to 10 to 20km to a local Gateway (connection to the internet) whereas Myriota (Adelaide Innovation) has a global reach through low orbiting satellites.

The IoT is providing us with a glimpse into the future.

  • Bendigo Council - Identifying Micro Clients for better management of parks and assets.

  • Wattle Range Council - Installs IoT gateways to improved wine production, crop monitoring and other agricultural operations could be immense.

  • IoT on the farm - Automated cow milking and more

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Get Started

To assist the local agricultural and community sectors, the Adelaide Hills Business Centre (AHBC) in 2017 created the Hacksaw program. Hacksaw, cuts through the technology hype to provide practical knowledge and hands-on workshops to those that wish to develop or learn more about micro electronics and the world of IoT.

The AHBC is the first to install a public LoRaWAN IoT Gateway with in the Adelaide Hills region to assist local development and testing. The AHBC currently provides a range of developer kits for LoRaWAN and SigFox.

If you have an idea where IoT can enhance our community, welfare and assist our local industries, we invite you to share them below.

Hacksaw Gateway - TTN

Hacksaw's Public LoRaWAN IoT gateway is provided around the Woodside Township on the public "The Things Network"


  • Local development and testing.


    • Gateway ID : c0ee40ffff293f72

    • Frequency : 915Mhz

    • Router : meshed-router


    • Location :

      • Lat -34.94960415

      • Lng 138.87698921

    • Placement : Outdoor

    • Altitude : 5m

    • Range : 1 to 2 km within the valley and subject to terrain


    • Status : public

    • Location : public

    • Owner : public

The Things Network

Help us to unleash the things network in the Adelaide Hills. It free with a few events scheduled each year. Click here to join.

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