Discoveing the world of the

"Internet Of Things"


The Internet Of Things

The Internet of Things, or "IoT" is fast becoming a fixture in many areas for industry and community. With the expectation of billions of physical devices around the world connecting to the internet in the next few years, IoT is making it possible to collect, analyse and share data between devices. Real time data promotes the ability to build better products, identify trends, reduce risk and minimise waste in ways that has not been cost effective or practical in the past.

Thanks to cheaper and miniaturisation in devices and wireless network, it's now possible to turn almost anything, from a simple tag to an A380 Airbus, into an IoT device. The IoT adds a level of digital intelligence to devices that would be otherwise be working in isolation, enabling them to communicate without a human being involved, and merging the digital and physical worlds.

The IoT is currently providing us with a glimpse into the future.

Getting Started

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is the first to install a public long range (LoRaWAN) IoT Gateway in the Adelaide Hills and as such are are keen to grow local awareness and community involvement at all levels.

  • If technology is of interest to you, become a member of the Hacksaw community. The level of involvement and what you gain is totally up to you. Ideal for any age without limits.
  • If you represent a community group that wishes to connect and measure community engagement using IoT devices, consider a IoT Project request using the form on this page.
  • If you are part of a business, corporation or government department that is seeking solutions to real world applications, consider a IoT Project request using the form on this page.

Further IoT Stuff

The Things Network provide a great resource for those that wish to become more involved with additional information on community and IoT gateways. Visit https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/

IoT PIR - Monitoring Tracks and Pathways

Requested an IoT Projects

Got an IoT project and keen to see if it's practical to implement. Review the list of projects below for similar IoT ideas. If you find one that is similar, great but still submit your request. This will help in identify the level of interest and need. (Scroll the project window horizontally and vertically for further details)

Your IoT Project Idea

Like to submit an IoT idea but not sure how to get started?

Consider your IoT project in terms of protecting or adding value to an asset or resource. For example, if your organisation manages public access tracks or paths and you wish to identify when the tracks are used and by how many.

Analysis of Data: You may want to have this information summed up each day by the hour with average ambient temperature and if any rainfall was recorded. At the end of the month a summary report is created and automatically emailed to stakeholders.

Sensors: If you know what sensors you may require, include on the form otherwise the Hacksaw members on your project will review and propose a solution. Eg. For movement detection a Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) may be required.

Benefits: Your IoT project will also be considered in terms of merit. Does your IoT project have community, social, health, employment benefits.

Action: IoT enables communication back to the device as required. Eg. Shut an automated gate or turn on a water supply valve. If your project needs some automated event to occur, simply let us know.

Acknowledge that your IoT request is for the potential creations of prototype product for proof of concept. You need to agree that there is no guarantee of success, suitability, performance or quality and that you have the authority to make the IoT Project request in line with the Creative Commons license outline below. (Public share alike with non financial activity and use)

Cost: If the project is for a community group or Not For Profit, that is registered with the Adelaide Hills Business Centre there is likely to be no cost involved.

If your IoT request has benefits that mainly help an organisation that is a commercial or government owned / funded entity, a fee will apply if your project is considered. You may be able to fund such projects through a grant.

If any payment is required by you, we will provide a indication before commencing your IoT project.