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Getting Started

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre is the first to install a public long range (LoRaWAN) IoT Gateway in the Adelaide Hills and is keen to grow local awareness and community involvement at all levels.

If you have a problem looking for an answer, then submit your idea using the Form below.

It's easy, just consider the follow key areas to get started

What is the Application?

For example:

  • Public access to tracks, sporting areas etc (Sensors - PIR Movement, Temperature, Humidity)
  • Transport or in-field Livestock movements (Sensors - Gas, Temperature, Humidity, Vibration)
  • Crops and land conditions (Sensors - Moisture, Temperature, Humidity, Rainfall, Ripeness, Size, Colour, Gas)

What happens to the Data?

How is information processed? Eg. Summed up each day by the hour with average ambient temperature and rainfall etc.

What action happens?

Does the IoT device communication with some form of mechanism. Eg. Pump or water solenoid, power switch, gate actuators etc.

What sensors may be required?

There is an electronic sensor for almost anything these days. If you know what sensors may be required, simply include in your submission.

Who benefits?

Does the IoT project have community, social, health, employment benefits.

That's it for now. Your IoT request will be considered but there is no guarantee of success, suitability, performance or quality.

IoT PIR - Monitoring Tracks and Pathways

Live stock tracking


In-Field Monitoring

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