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  • Individuals
    • Under 18 Years $40pa
    • Adult $70pa
    • Retiree $40pa
  • Family $90pa
  • Community Club or Group $70pa
  • School or Government Organisation $350pa
  • Corporate Supporter - Be a Community Technology leader!
    • Giga $2500 for 12 months (Limited to 3)
    • Mega $500 for 12 months

Member's Benefits

On Signup (Excludes Schools & Clubs, Groups, Corporates)

  • Hacksaw getting Started Item. (Valued at $15)*
  • Shed Time Safety Kit. (Valued at $15)**

Ongoing (For all Members)

Corporates Members

  • Support acknowledgement with online and physical signage.

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Payments & Renewals

An invoice will be emailed within 48 hours for payment by EFT, Credit Card or Hacksaw Gift Card.

Your membership will renews automatically each year until membership is cancelled. See Item 6 on membership form. A renewal notice email is issued one month in advance.

Gift Item and Safety Kits

* Collect Gift Item at your first Workshop.

** Collect Safety Kit at your first Shed Time.