3D Printing / Scanning

3D Printing Options:

    1. Book into a Shed Time and DIY
    2. Email your STL file for printing and specify the purpose, infill density, material type and colour required for reply quotation.
    3. Email your design sketch along with purpose and we shall provide a quote for CAD modelling and printing.

3D Scanning Options:

Email or phone to arrange a time review your scanning requirements.



We stock:

    • PLA - Transparent, Black, Luminous Green (Glow in the dark)
    • ABS - Transparent, Black, Grey, White, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow
    • Nylon - Transparent
    • Polycarbonate - Transparent
    • TPU (Flexible) - Black

Other material that you specify can be sourced and reinforced metal screw inserts can also be fitted up to M6