Shed Time

Small Shed Time

Join others and enjoy 4 hours Shed Time access to shared facilities and resources.

Public $80 / 4 Hours

Members $40 / 4 Hours

Scheduled Days from 8am to 6pm

Includes Hacksaw Master, refreshments, tools, lab equipment and the Gadget Store

Big Shed Time

Join others and create your project using shared facilities & resources

Public $130 / Day

Members $65 / Day

Scheduled Days from 8am to 6pm

Includes Hacksaw Master, refreshments, tools, lab equipment and the Gadget Store

Your Group Shed Time

Total access to facilities and resources. Invite upwards of 7 others to join you.

Public $360 / Day

Members $180 / Day

Any time from 8am to 6pm

Includes refreshments, access to tools, lab equipment and the Gadget Store

Shed Time Getting Started Documents

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Create Your Shed Time Booking

Q. Can I purchase items during my Workshop or Shed Time session?

A. Yes! We maintain a comprehensive range of electronic components, mechanical drives and V-Slot / OpenBuild construction items. View the Hacksaw Catalogue & Price list

We don't normally carry everyday hardware items unless the level of consumption is smaller than what can be purchased.

Hacksaw Member, receive a 10% discount on most items purchased during events.

Q. Can I bring my own project materials, parts and tools?

A. Yes, you certainly can!

The exceptions are:

  • 3D printer filament Laser Cutting material will need to be approved.
  • Solvents, chemicals or fuels.

Q. Is there someone who can show me how to use the equipment and give me ideas?

A. Yes! When attending a shared Shed Time you have access during the day to a Hacksaw Master

Private Groups Shed Time booking are not supervised by a Hacksaw Master. One can be supplied when booking.

Q. Can I get technical assistance on circuit and mechanical designs?

A. Yes! While not all Hacksaw Masters are skilled in all areas, we will try!

Q. If I use a Gadget Store items and find that it is not suitable for my project, do I need to buy it?

A. Yes, if you have modified that item in any way or if the items is a Microprocessor (Arduino) / module and it has been connected it to your circuit

This also applies to electronic components such as MOSFET, IC, Transistors etc.

Q. What should I wear

A. It's up to you, however we do suggest that you take note and apply our safety attire ideas otherwise we may restrict access and use of equipment. Safety glasses, are available at the centre and you can purchase a Hacksaw Safety Kit containing personal safety eyewear, gloves x 2 types, dust mask and earplugs. Click here for quick review.

Q. Can I use the Band Saw, Scroll Saw and 3D Printer?

A. Yes, with under 15 year olds, a parent will need to supervise.

It is however recommended that you have completed a Hacksaw Workshop on using these items or demonstrate existing Capability.

Q. Can we create a private Group Shed Time on the weekends?

A. You can book your private Group Shed Time on any day during the week including weekends if not pre booked. View Out-Space Calendar here.

Q. What tools do I need to bring?

A. The facilities have a well equiped workshop of every day tools like hammer, screwdrivers, spanners etc. You may need to bring tools if your project that exceeds the scope that Hacksaw covers. However on request larger tools including welding facilities can be provided under supervision. Some addition fees may apply.

Q. What about consumable like tape, rags, glue, cleaning solvents etc?

A. Most of these items are available as part of your Shed Time visit. However they are for miscellaneous use only. If your project includes such items, you need to supply or purchase from the Gadget Store.