Group Shed Time Calendar


Group Shed Time Calendar

Hacksaw Workshops and Shed Times are held in the Out-Space at the Adelaide Hills Business Centre in Woodside.

Before booking a Group Shed Time, ensure the required day is clear between 8am and 6pm.

The Out-Space can be booked on any day, including weekends and public holidays unless pre-booked by others.

Safety and Attire

Please ensure you and your guests are aware of suitable attire and observe safety requirements. Click here for details.

Clean Up Time

Plan your day to include a pack-up and clean-up time. You need to return the space back to a clean and organised state with all tools returned and equipment turned off. Any cutting dust and waste must be collected and placed in bins.

3D Printing

If your print job exceed your Shed Time, you may pause or cancel the printer or allow the printer to continue overnight if the print job has exceeded 50% of the the build. Please collect your job within the following week.