Becoming a Master

We hope to talk to you soon and welcome you aboard

What is a Hacksaw Master?

Hacksaw Master a.k.a Shed Time Master are volunteers that consider themselves as a bit of DIY-fix-it or electronic hobbyist or tech. They are male, female, young or with great wisdom.

Hacksaw Masters come all walks of life and typically can relate to being:

    • Known for having a skill set others appreciate.
    • Passionate about helping others and willing to share their knowledge.
    • A good communicator at all levels.
    • A person with good people skills.
    • Have an interest to connect and be involved at a community level.

Your Role as a Master

Your role is to assist others during Shed Time events by way of sharing knowledge, experience and wisdom for others to apply and learn. Your Role is not to do, rather to provide guidance.

You also:-

    • Show the safe use of equipment.
    • Know where to direct people to locate parts and tools.
    • Gain a general knowledge of the Go Go Gadget store and how to process purchases.
    • Use a phone app to mark attendance, record an incident (Hopeful never), issue of voucher items and closing up check list.

Sounds like you?

Not sure! Ask your partner, they are sure to know.

Simply follow the set below to get started

Step 1. If you are not already a member, you will need to signup become a member.

If for any reason you don't become a Hacksaw Master, we will offer you a full credit on your membership fee.

Step 2. Takes a couple of minutes to answer a few questions so that we can determine your level of involvement and training that may be required.

Step 3. An email will confirm your application (Immediately after completing Step 2)

Step 4. An email or phone call to arrange a time catchup to explore your requirements, involvement and what training may be requirements (Within 2 weeks)

Step 5. Training is around the safe operation of equipment, knowing where parts are stored, how to used the Go Go Gadget store to process orders and the Hacksaw Master phone app. Areas that you would like to know about can be done directly with you or by attending workshops. (Allow a few hours)

Step 5. If we are all good and training completed, we hope to welcome you aboard. (Within a week)

Hacksaw Master Benefits

There are many benefits, but it comes down to what you get from being involved as a Master.

Some thing we can offer you:-

    • Training in various areas of technology but also the safe operation of equipment and tools.
    • Free Shed Time access when not booked. Use this time to work on your own projects or to enhance your knowledge.
    • Improved Go Go Gadget discounts.
    • Request for new tools, equipment, store items and more.
    • Catch-up events with other Hacksaw Masters.
    • Gift Cards may also be supplied.