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The Inventor's Store

Gift Cards

Innovation starts with a Hacksaw Gift Card.

A Hacksaw Gift Card is a great way to get someone on the right path.

Cards can be used many times until the total has been consumed. Use for Membership, Shed Time and the Go Go Gadget Store. Buy a eGift Cards online or call in to the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and to collect a Plastic Gift Card. Cards can also be re loaded making it ideal for parents to manage project spends.

Values Include :

  • $20 - Getting started. Offset initial project cost
  • $50 - Getting involved with a small project
  • $100 - Ideal for a couple of smaller projects or one larger project
  • $250 - Serious experimenting or small scale commercial prototyping

Go Go Gadget Store

Purchases at Workshops or Shed Times

To purchase gadgets at a workshop or Shed Time, simply complete the Hacksaw Project Sheet and indicate payment method. Member's discounts of 10% only applies when attending a Workshops and Shed Time.

Store Opening Times

The Go Go Gadget Store is open during any Scheduled Shed Times from 8am to 6pm. You can call in, collect items and purchase. Note that member's discount only applies when you have booked into the Shed Time event.

Payment Methods

Cash (Exact change) or by Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, Android Pay).

Everything for the inventor is here.

  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino Microprocessors and over 150 stocked Modules / Shields etc
  • Electronic components Eg. resistors, capacitors, semiconductors and many more
  • Electromechanical devices - Fans, Peltier Plate, Motors, Pumps, actuators etc
  • Miniature Mechanical Parts up to ø6mm - Gears, Belts, Shafts, Bearings etc
  • Commercial V-SLOT / OpenBuild - ø8 Rails / Acme Screws , Gantries, Drives, Brackets, Belts, Stepper motors and much more

View the Hacksaw Go Go Gadget Catalogue and Price List.