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Gift Vouchers

Innovation starts with a Hacksaw Gift Voucher.

A Hacksaw Voucher is a great way to get someone on the right path.

Vouchers can be used many times until to the total has been consumed and can be used on Hacksaw Membership, Shed Time and items purchased during Workshops and Shed Times

Values Include :

  • $20 - Getting started and offset initial project cost
  • $50 - Getting involved with a small project
  • $100 - Ideal for a couple of smaller projects or one larger project
  • $250 - Serious experimenting and small scale commercial prototyping

Purchase Store Items

Workshop or Shed Time Orders

To purchase components to build your project while at a workshop or Shed Time, simply complete the Hacksaw Project Sheet and return with payment and Voucher ID codes as required. 10% Member's discounts on Workshops and Shed Time orders.

Collect Orders

Hacksaw Members may order extra items for collection by completing the online order form. (Member's Discount do not apply on these orders)

  • An invoice will be emailed with a Payment link
  • Payment is required before or on collection.
  • Allow 48 hours for your order to be ready, otherwise mark urgent and we will do our best.

Everything for the inventor in you. Hacksaw's maintains a comprehensive range of prototyping building components, along with simple to build microprocessors and electromechanical devices.

  • Arduino Microprocessors and over different 100 Modules, Shields etc
  • Electronic reistors, capacitors, semiconductors etc
  • Electromechanical devices - Fans, Peltier Plate, Motors, Pumps etc
  • Miniature Mechanical Parts up to ø4mm - Gears, Belts, Shafts etc
  • Commercial V-SLOT / OpenBuild - Rails, Gantries, Drives, Brackets, Belts, Steppers etc

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