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Like all things these days, we need to be legally responsible. So below is the small print for your consideration. While this is all important, what you should discover from reading these "Terms", it's about a level of mutual respect, trust and a fair use of the facilities and services on offer. We want you to benefit and value your association, so please let us know if we can do better.

Thanks you.


"Hacksaw" is a service provided by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre.

These Terms apply to all dealings with the Adelaide Hills Business Centre with respect to the Hacksaw Service and supersedes, replaces and extinguish all other terms or conditions that you, a corporate or incorporated body may wish to apply in writing or verbally on the Adelaide Hills Business Centre with respect to the Hacksaw Service.

The Adelaide Hills Business Centre provides it Hacksaw Services and Memberships on its terms and conditions as set out below. For the purpose of clarity, this also applies to Federal, State and Local Government departments and / or educational providers both private and government in that any purchase orders stating replacement terms including any counter terms are not accepted by the Adelaide Hills Business Centre and as such all goods and services shall solely be provided on the terms and conditions as set out below without further notice.

1. Definitions and Meanings

    1. Italicised text is for readability purposes and does not form part of these Terms.
    2. 'Terms' means the content, meaning, understanding and responsibility that this document or webpage outlines.
    3. ‘AHBC’ means the Adelaide Hills Business Centre, 82 Onkaparinga Valley Road Woodside, South Australia 5244.
    4. ‘Terms’ means the following paragraphs that describes the agreement between Members and the AHBC.
    5. ‘Member’ means a person that is a resident of Australia or a registered business, incorporated body or corporate entity that obtains and maintains a Membership subscription with the AHBC for the Hacksaw Service as set out in these Terms.
    6. 'Minor' means a person under the age of 18 years of age.
    7. 'Non Member' means a person, business, incorporated body or corporate entity that is not a Member.
    8. 'Membership' means a Member that maintains a subscription to the Hacksaw Service in accordance with these Terms.
    9. 'User' includes anyone including Minors, Member and Non Member engaging within a Hacksaw Services and as such are bound to these Terms.
    10. 'Responsible Person' means the person responsible to ensure a Minor or others in their care using the Hacksaw Services do so in accordance with these Terms.
    11. 'Facilities' or 'Centre' means areas or spaces at the AHBC.
    12. 'Provisions' means supply consumables and Stock to User attending the AHBC.
    13. 'Equipment' means AHBC property made available Users attending Centre.
    14. 'Stock' means items that are available to the Users to purchase from the AHBC.
    15. 'Services' or 'Hacksaw Services' means any provision of Hacksaw related services including but not limited to workshops, assistance and Events by the AHBC or its appointed 3rd parties and Volunteers.
    16. 'Online Services' means the Hacksaw Forum, online forms and resources located at https://hacksaw.tech
    17. 'Notice' or 'Notification' means the Member informing the AHBC of a change by way of an email sent to info@hacksaw.tech with confirmation of receipt from the AHBC or by completing the appropriate Online Service form.
    18. 'Booking', 'Booked' or 'Book' means the hiring of certain Facilities at a Centre by a Member.
    19. 'Fee' means the amount payable by the User for Membership, Booking of Facilities, Programs, Events, purchase of Stock, Online Services and other required Services as indicated at the time.
    20. 'Invoice' means a "Tax Invoice" that is payable for Services provided by the AHBC to the User.
    21. 'Event' means a AHBC arranged event that is open to the public to Book and attend or whereby a User create a private event through a Booking.
    22. 'Good Order' means to return Facilities and Equipment to a clean and orderly state for other to enjoy.
    23. 'Volunteer' means a person that is willing to assist Users while at the Centre. The Volunteers may be called "Hacksaw Masters".
    24. 'Fair Use' means a level of access and uses of the Facilities, Equipment and Provisions by User.
    25. 'Noise' means a level that respects others using the Centre and the community at large. No Public Address or Music systems are permitted in any areas unless prior approval has been granted by the AHBC.
    26. 'Activities' means Users actions that are legal in nature and associated with business or community activities.
    27. 'Email' means the email address used by the User that identifies them.
    28. All references to the plural shall also mean the singular and to the singular shall also mean the plural unless the context otherwise requires.
    29. Where a clause does not reference a Member or Non Member, then the clause applies to Members, Non Members and Users.

2. Access

    1. Access is restricted for the sole purpose of conducting Activities inline with these Terms.
    2. Availability of a Centre or particular Facilities are not guaranteed.
    3. AHBC may restrict access to particular Users resulting from a breach of these Terms.

3. Media Consent

    1. The User provided express permission for the use of video, sound, photographs of the individual and images and other public information in publications and media arranged and / or managed by the AHBC. (Sometime we like to show what happens at Hacksaw Events through our website and other forms of media. You may appear in a photo and /or your project may form part of the post or article)

4. Respect

    1. Users are to respect the right of others at the Centre and during Events including but not limited to:
        1. No smoking including electronic devices inside or outside of a Centre.
        2. Remove rubbish to suitable bins provided at the Centre.
        3. Return any space to Good Order before leaving.
        4. Clean up of workshop dust, waste, rubbish and spills from surfaces, equipment and floors after use. (Cleaning items are made available)
        5. Return cups, plates, cutlery etc to the kitchen area.
        6. Do not returning used, modified or damaged Stock back into Stock.
        7. Noise, music and sounds shall be kept to respectful level.
        8. Other people's personal property must not be touched, moved, relocated, taken or interfered with unless permission is gained from that person.
        9. Personal food and drinks brought in to a Centre must be removed on leaving the Centre.
        10. Fuels, dangerous substances or lethal devices can not be brought to or used at a Centre.
        11. Respectful treatment, language and discussions shall be maintained at all times between Users while at the Centre and when using Online Service.
        12. AHBC supplied items shall remain at the Centre and shared with other Users.
    2. AHBC will endeavour to provide Services as promoted to its best ability for its Users.

5. Facilities, Equipment and Safety

    1. The AHBC shall provides and maintain certain Facilities and Equipment for Users to share.
    2. Some Services are only available through an Online Service Booking.
    3. Outdoor Facilities are normally available to Users during Events unless otherwise Booked.
    4. Users must ensure they are fully aware of the safe operation of Equipment before using such Equipment.
    5. The AHBC will provide relevant safety instruction on request and it is up to the User to gain instructions.
    6. User attending Events must wearing suitable clothing and footwear and where indicated wear gloves, eyewear, earplugs and tie long hair back. Refer to the Safety Attire page. Safety items may be purchased by the Users at Events and some item will be made freely available.
    7. Minors under the age of 15 years must not use high speed cutting Equipment unless supervised by a parent.
    8. Drugs and alcohol, including medicines prescribed by a doctor or available from a pharmacy can affect a person’s ability to work safely. If User appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the User will be refuse entry to Events.
    9. Facilities and Equipment are to be used as intended and not mishandled, abuse or damage. Any User found to deliberately damaged Facilities and/or Equipment will be required to repair or replaced at their cost.
    10. Users to their best ability shall report immediately to the AHBC any unsafe, dangerous or life threatening situation for the AHBC to take action. (If you can, please disconnect from any power source if safe to do so, and place a notice, stating "Out Of Order" and advising others of the potential risk)
    11. The User shall not intensionally endanger another person or deliberately establish a situation the may injury or endanger another person.
    12. The User is responsible to familiarise themselves with the Emergency Plan located at the Centre.
    13. Any use of the First Aid kits located at the Centre along with any injuries must be reports to the AHBC as soon as practical by the responding User and / or the injured User.

6. Provisions

    1. The AHBC may make access to certain Provisions to Users.
    2. The User agrees to complete a Hacksaw Project Sheet that records any use of Stock while attending an Event or visiting the Centre.
    3. The User agrees to make payment for all Stock Provisions used, modified or damaged while attending an Event or when ordered for collection by the User.
    4. Provisions must not be hoarded, restricted from other Users.
    5. Removal of Provisions and Stocks without Payment or permission by way of an Invoice will be considered as theft and reported to authorities for the arrest until compensation to the AHBC has been obtained. In addition, the User shall be band from attending the Centre and if a Member, will have their Membership immediately terminated without compensation or further discussion.

7. Fair Use

    1. The AHBC may limit the number of Users based on Facilities capacity and a Fair Use by Users.
    2. Fair Use applies to use of Facilities, Equipment, Provisions, Services and the need of other while attending an Event

8. Membership

    1. Membership is offered based on the applicant's satisfying the definition of Member, resides or operates within South Australia and is of good character / reputation.
    2. Minor Member's consenting parents assume full responsibility of their child and agree to act as the Responsible Person described in these Terms. The Minor Member shall also be tied to these Terms.
    3. Family Membership, where a Parent that is not a Minor, assume full responsibility of their child and agree to act as the Responsible Person described in these Terms for all members of the family. All members of the family attending an Event shall also be tied to these Terms.
    4. Minor Members or Minors of a Family Membership group that are under 15 years of age must be accompanied by a parent at all times while attending an Event.
    5. Membership fees are as shown at the Online Services and paid in advanced and continue for one calendar years unless terminated by the AHBC or by the Member using the Online Services to cancel their Membership.
    6. Members may renew their annual membership by making payment of the renewal Invoice.
    7. A Member cannot re-assign their Membership to another person. The membership must be cancelled and a new membership created.
    8. A Member can cancel their Membership at any time before the next renewal date via the Online Service. (The membership form provided the option to cancel membership)
    9. No refund in part or full are provided by the AHBC to the Member as a result of a Member cancelling their Membership or termination of a Member's Membership by the AHBC.
    10. All change requests by Members must be in writing as set out in Section 1 of these Terms for 'Notice' to avoid any misunderstanding.
    11. The AHBC may terminate a Member's Membership immediately at the AHBC's sole discretion.

9. Termination

    1. Termination of Membership shall occur if the AHBC determines that the Members has not complied with these Terms, exceeded 90 days on any outstanding Invoice payment, is suspected or accused of theft, acted with malicious intent or physically attack / assault others connected with the Centre including but not limited to Members, visitors and User.
    2. Termination of Membership has immediate effect.

10. Payment

    1. All Invoices are payable in full within 7 days or as indicated on the invoice.
    2. Cheques are not an acceptable form of payment.
    3. Overdue accounts (Non payment on or before the Due Date) may be charged a $20 account processing fee for every month overdue with any Member's discounts removed and adjusted to the Non Members rates.
    4. On Termination as outlined in section 9, all outstanding invoices shall revert to Non Member's rates and payable in full within 7 days.
    5. All cost to recover unpaid Invoices or other fees will be at the User's expense.

11. Bookings

    1. Fees that apply to Events are Invoiced to the User for payment.
    2. Cancellation Notice on Facility Bookings will only be accepted within 72 hours prior to the booking start date.
    3. User may reschedule Facility Bookings to a new non occupied time using the Online Services so long as one full day of notice is provided.

12. Liability and Insurance

    1. The AHBC does NOT insure Users property left or located at the Centre.
    2. At no time or for any reason will the AHBC be liable for User's loss of business, loss of income or loss of opportunity.
    3. The level of quality and availability of internet services is not guaranteed by the AHBC.
    4. The level of access to Equipment and Stock are not guaranteed.
    5. Any discussions or shared information provided to, from, between Users, AHBC personnel, its third parties and Volunteers during Events and through other services are considered to be of a general nature and must not be taken as advice to act upon by the User.
    6. The User agrees that the AHBC its third parties and Volunteers are not able to fully assess Member's personal situation or needs and therefor will not be held liable for the User's action.
    7. The User agrees the Provision of technical and manufactures information within Hacksaw documents and the Online Services are supplied is as is and not checked or verified by the AHBC and therefore should not be relied upon as fact, accurate or without error and commissions.
    8. The AHBC liability is limited to refunding the User any amount paid by the User for such Services, Stock or Provision that is the matter of dispute.

13. Out of AHBC's Control

    1. Users agrees when events happen outside of the AHBC's control such as Force Majeure, Fire, Strike, Accident, or the inability to supply due to third parties or Volunteers failure then the User relieves the AHBC of it's obligations and is not liable for any delay or failure to meet its obligations. The User and the AHBC agree that it will endeavour to meet such obligations as soon as possible after such an event occurring.
    2. The User agrees that the AHBC may elect to cancel Events or other scheduled Services as a result of a small number of enrolments or the inability to facilitate. In such situations, Users will be refunded the amount paid by the User for the set service.

14. Changes

    1. The User acknowledges that the ABHC reserves the right to change, modify or update these Terms, Fees and the inclusion of Services as the AHBC sees fit.
    2. Any such changes will be made with reasonable notice to User via email and the Hacksaw website at https://hacksaw.tech

If you have any questions about these terms, then talk to us. We are keen to make our terms flexible and fair to all.