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Most bookings are completed on the Adelaide Hills Business Centre's Events Page.

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See notes on "Suitable Safety Attire at Workshop" below.

Topics To Look For

First Byte - What Hacksaw can offer you. Learn & build a simple projects.

Electronics for Inventors - Learn what does what and how. Really simple introduction for all.

IoT, What is it? - Looks at how this this new technology collecting, sharing, learning to solve real world problems at very little cost. (Overview communications systems such as LPWAN, LoRaWAN, SigFox, LTE CAT M1, Myriota)

3D Printing - Capability and Materials

Lab Basics - Master a multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator and much more.

Arduino Basics - Build and program a microprocessor in minutes.

Raspberry Pi - Getting started.

Home & Business Automation - What you can do.

Modules & I2C Basic - The 2 wire interface system.

Wireless Systems - Explorer WiFi, IR and Bluetooth modules and code.

Commercialisation and IP Protection - Get business savvy with your invention.

Tech & Safety Tips

AHBC Members - Check out the buildit gadgets at Hacksaw Catalogue

Technical Data and Specs Book - Over 50 pages of great information and technical facts. Download now, It's Free!

Suitable Safety Attire at Workshop - Some Workshops may involve the use of equipment so it is recommend that you consider our safety attire. Click here to view

Online Resource - Contains a large selection of documents ranging from Data Sheets to DIY tutorial and more. Click here to access.

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