Start with Workshop

Attending a 90 minute Workshop will spring board your learning and maximise your results and Shed Time.

A wide range of Workshop topics are on offers but our regular workshops topics include:

First Byte

Your pathway to what Hacksaw can offer. Learn to use various resources and build a simple projects.

Electronics for Inventors

Gain electronic concepts with practical demonstrations.

3D Printing

Discover what you can do with a 3D Printers

Tool Box Basics

Everything about using the workshop tools. For newbies to DIY.

Lab Basics

Mater multimeter, oscilloscope, signal generator and more.

Arduino Basics

Build and program your first microprocessor project in minutes.

Modules & I2C Basic

Two wire interface between modules, sensors and processors.

Commercialisation and IP Protection

Take your idea to the market and get business savvy.

Upcoming Workshops. (Free!)

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Tech & Safety Tips

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Suitable Safety Attire at Workshop - Some Workshops may involve the use of equipment so it is recommend that you consider our safety attire. Click here to view

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You must book to attend a Workshop Event. All Workshops are free and open to any age groups. Under 15's must be accompanied by a parent.